Dear Webmaster:
I know its very difficult to believe me due to known reasons! (I assume this because I'm Black) Yes , I'm from Africa- even Nigeria. I'm aware of My Country bad Reputaion around the World but just because some are involving in cyber crime like Online Fraudling doesn't mean evry Nigerian are into that shit! its only those who can't study and learn useful things that involve in such acts. You labelled me "Scammer" and this is still hurting me and it seems you don't belive me . so In view of these, I will suspend almost all your websites if you refuse to either write an apology message to me and pay for what i lost while contacting you! I'm not a Beggar! I'm not a Scammer ! I 'm simply trying to help you and you turned everything down by labelling me the name my mama didn't called me.....#coyemerald and #iamanethicalhacker